Tri-County Construction Labor-Management Council, Inc. (TRICON) brought renowned speaker, Mark Breslin, back to Peoria.  Breslin is the fourth generation of a blue-collar family.  He started his career working in the field.  From the field, he attended and graduated from San Francisco State University and worked his way up to become CEO of United Contractors, a large contractors’ association representing heavy civil contracting firms in the Western United States.  He became the chief executive at the age of 26.  Breslin is noted as the number one speaker in the nation on change management, leadership, strategy and labor-management relations.  He is also the author of five bestselling books.  Mark focuses on personal and organizational change and how to inspire action to get it done right.  Breslin’s leadership and presentation style is described as direct, blunt, provoking and insightful.

On October 4, 2016, almost 600 people from the union construction industry came out to hear Breslin’s message…Building a Legacy.  To build a legacy, we have to do things differently and better than others.  Breslin pointed out that we are the future of every union industry left in the United States.  If we want to continue, we need to focus on building and nurturing our legacy today.

Breslin started the evening discussing the dwindling market share unions are facing.  According to Breslin, “everyone has skin in the game.  Whether your ready to retire, an apprentice, or someone in between, we all need to work together to build a successful legacy.  Because your interests are directly related to those around you.  Legacy is about teamwork.  We must reach across the gap and take interest in the success of our brothers and sisters.  Remember, legacy is build on passing knowledge and skills onto the next generations.”

Breslin pointed out that our reduced market share is affected by our performance, as well as, change numbers.  Our industry has seen changes in safety, technology, regulations, and training over the past 25 years.  Breslin argues that the pace of change in our industry moving forward will be even faster and greater.  How we embrace that change will help determine our future.  As an industry, we don’t currently embrace change well.  According to Breslin, there is great correlation between our low market share and our failure to embrace change.  Blackberry and Radio Shack are great examples of companies that once dominated their industry.  But their inability or unwillingness to adapt and change with the times resulted in dwindling market shares to going out of business.  Another factor that will put us out of business is the percentage of our workforce not bringing the right attitude and skills to the job.  With audience input, Breslin determined that 30% of our workforce are not getting the job done.  They are the ones putting us out of business.  We have to show customers that the union is worth its value.  A hard picture to paint when 30% aren’t doing it.

There’s no room for excuses.  Legacy requires active engagement, quality and integrity.  You are the future of every union industry left in the United States.  A number that seems to be quickly diminishing.  We have obstacles to overcome. We need leaders to lead the change.  It’s about our head, heart, and hands.  We need to do it better, so we can all continue to have a career and life we want.

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