There is a need in the marketplace. Better Built fulfills that need.

Through extensive research, we've discovered that potential building construction customers often find it difficult to know the difference between one construction company and the next. How can a customer distinguish who is a "better" company with which to do business? The Better Built Network is a clearinghouse for the best building construction companies, companies that will provide customers with the best construction experience possible.

The Better Built Network will work to help businesses thrive and grow.

Better Built helps businesses that want to expand in the area, as well as current businesses looking to grow, connect with the finest companies in the building construction industry.

Better Built will address special needs.

Better Built Members understand that customers have unique construction requirements. That's why they work closely with customers to address their needs throughout the construction process. The Better Built Network brings together companies who can provide highly-specialized construction services.

Better Built is the mark of high quality construction.

Better Built stands for quality, expertise and value in every aspect of building construction. Better Built Members are proud to provide owners, occupants and customers with comfortable, safe, attractive, and environmentally friendlier structures in which to live, work and play.

Together, We Build Central Illinois

In 1984 area union construction labor and management formed Tri-County Construction Labor-Management Council (TRICON) with a commitment to strengthen the industry in central Illinois. Membership includes the 6,000 building trades workers in 15 trades unions and the hundreds of union contractors who employ them in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties. Supporting and working with TRICON are the West Central Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council, Greater Peoria Contractors and Suppliers Association, the Builders Association of Tazewell County, and other industry associations.

Through TRICON, building trades and contractors discuss common concerns, implement mutually beneficial programs and activities, and foster a labor-management relationship that ensures union construction projects are built with quality, on time and in budget, which is the premise behind TRICON's Better Built Network. Customers can be assured a quality project with Better Built members.

Building Better People, Better Relationships, and Better Business 

TRICON's award-winning, innovative programs and activities focus on workforce development, public relations, safety, green building, and business development. By partnering with education, business and industry, chambers of commerce and other organizations, TRICON carries the spirit of labor-management cooperation into the entire community.

It's through labor-management cooperation contractors and labor build stronger relationships, produce superior products, create and maintain a qualified workforce, develop innovative ideas, give back to the community, and help improve the economy in Central Illinois. 

For more information contact TRICON at 309.691.5060 or

TRICON Board of Directors 

Aupperle, Steve, Aupperle & Sons Construction

Bauer, Scott, Wright-Way Interior Systems

Baum, Terry, Otto Baum Construction

Bender, Matt, Carpenters Local 237

Boyd, Richard, Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 6

Braker, Tim, GPCSA President, J.J. Braker & Sons, Inc.

Comstock, Bill, Sheet Metal Workers Local 1

Doolan, Mike, Plumbers Local 63

Dotson, Todd, Painters & Allied Trades Local 157

Everett, Mike, West Central Illinois Labor Council

Faulkner, Brian, P.J. Hoerr, Inc.

Flynn, Paul, IBEW Local 34

Helfers, Marty, West Central Illinois Building & Construction Trades Council

Higdon, Dennis, Mid-Illinois Companies

High, Mike, Operating Engineers Local 649

Kawolsky, Mark, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)

Koch, Bernie, River City Construction, LLC

Oaks, Dana, Greater Peoria Contractors & Suppliers Association

Palmer, Mark, Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois

Potter, Don, Plasterers & Cement Masons Local 18

Rumpf, Brian, Core Construction

Sanders, Gene, Rainguard/Energy-Tech

Schmidgall, Tim, Laborers Local 165

Schroeder, Bob, Laborers Local 231

Stanley, Brian, Iron Workers Local 112

Wooding, Evan, Steamfitters Local 353